Sophie Gets the Horns (2012)

Directed by Rebecca Wright / Written by Adriano Shaplin / Performed by Kristen Bailey, Drew Friedman, Adriano Shaplin, Mary Tuomanen, Stephanie Viola / Set by Caitlin Lainoff / Lights by Maria Shaplin / Production Stage Manager: Bayla Rubin / presented by Incubator Arts Project 


“Delicately hilarious…a clear-eyed ethnography of our own species at a specific developmental stage…the ensemble seems exquisitely tuned to a difficult chord of poignancy and awkwardness.” Time Out

“Absurdly superb…alluring and intense…a supple memory play…Kristen Bailey renders the inner clash between Sophie’s innocence and her attempts to exorcise it with a churning accuracy.” Backstage Critic’s Pick

“It’s a great piece of black box theater…Anyone who went to college in the pre-9/11 era will appreciate Riot’s delicately self-mocking approach to that twilight of the old era, back when collegiate alienation wasn’t something you posted on your Facebook page…a pop version of the Theater of Cruelty.” New York Magazine

“Director Rebecca Wright teases out precise, lived-in performances that for the most part maintain a naturalism while fitting into a stylized and fluid production…The drama works here because of the specific and intelligent performances by the committed actresses.” The New York Times

“Unassailable proof that the Riot Group deserve a wider audience…Mary Tuomanen captures the stage physically, her gymnastics conveying a haunting sense of unpronounceable frustration and loss.” The Village Voice

“Thoughtful and funny…Nothing has quite captured the decade’s embrace of death and darkness like Sophie Gets the Horns…Alice’s final anthropology project is an explosive climax to this feminist fever dream.” Flavorpill Editor’s Pick


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